Pool for Talent

COAST Human-Capital agenda

The primary objective of the COAST human-capital agenda is to groom talented analytical chemists at all levels, so as to strenghten the community. COAST offers extra-curricular education to motivated and talented students and to professional analytical chemists. At all levels, COAST aims to greatly increase the interaction between analytical chemists from industry, academicians and students. The latter are exposed to the industrial environment already during their training and experts from industry contribute actively to their education. COAST helps create great possibilities for internships and enables young talents to build an early professional network. By creating exciting possibilities for education, COAST aims to improve the level and enhance the status of analytical chemistry in The Netherlands. Ultimately, this may attract more students and more (research) funding to the field. 

COAST Honours Programmes

A chance of a life time

COAST lays out a continious career path in which education and employement are intertwined. Talented students already gain experience in research and industry during their study. The variety of COAST participants is a stimulating factor for their development. 

COAST organizes two honours programmes for talented and motivated students with a curriculum focussed on Analytical Sciences. Students are selected based on their ability to contribute to the community. The English-language programmes provide the students with a great deal of extra knowledge, a fantastic professional network and a chance to develop their communication skills.

The Analytical Sciences Talent Program (ASTP) is a three - year talent program for vocational BSc (HLO) students. ATLAS is a two-year program for academic MSc students.