Pool for Talent

COAST offers carreers

COAST sets out to boost Analytical Science in the Netherlands by increasing the number of students that pursue and obtain (professional) BSc and (academic) MSc degrees in this field. In addition, COAST increases the number of PhD students in Analytical Science through its research program.

The COAST Human Capital Agenda enhances the scope and the level of education of all these students by greatly increasing their interaction with industry. Students are exposed to the industrial environment already during their training and experts from industry contribute actively to the education of students. 

COAST helps retain top-quality people in analytical-science jobs by offering challenging options for continued education and public-private collaborations.



A chance of a life time

COAST builds a continuous career path, in which education and employment are intertwined. Students already gain work experience in the course of their studies and experienced analytical scientists get the opportunity to keep learning and growing (Life-Long-Learning). Our great variety of participants ensures that this approach is successfully implemented.

The COAST Honours Programmes

COAST organizes two honours programmes for excellent students with a curriculum focussed on Analytical Sciences.The Analytical Sciences Talent Program (ASTP) is a three - year talent program for vocational BSc (HLO) students. COAST MSc+ is a two year program for academic MSc students.