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Find below more information why COAST can be interesting for you.

Benefits for COAST participants in the private sector

  • Access to pre-competitive research collaborations
  • Access to world-class analytical technologies and expertise
  • Access to high-end and/or experimental analytical instrumentation
  • Access to more and better trained analytical scientists at BSc to PhD levels
  • Access to first-class training for participants' employees
  • Creation of intellectual property
  • Creation of analytical spin-offs
  • Ultimate analytical network

Benefits for academic COAST participants

  • Extensive research collaborations
  • Alignment of research objectives with industrial demands
  • Cross-fertilization in research
  • Scientific publications and/or intellectual property
  • Efficient valorization of research
  • Support for high-end facilities
  • Ultimate analytical network

Benefits for educational COAST participants

  • Improved proposition for future students
  • Special programs for top talent
  • Close collaboration with the private sector
  • Close collaboration between universities and vocational colleges
  • Access to analytical instrumentation for educational purposes
  • Ultimate analytical network

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