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Analytical science plays a crucial role in economic and societal dynamics in the Netherlands. Positioned between fundamental sciences and final application, analytical science is at the heart of innovation. By uniting technology and application under a shared focus, innovation in analytical science will greatly benefit the topsectors and the societal challenges or mission themes as defined by the Dutch government.

Analytical science:

  • Enables system understanding through measurement of a variety of factors
  • Generates insight in structure-property relationships for materials and biological entities
  • Facilitates real-time in-situ measurement

The COAST community invests in innovation and education of analytical science. Participation in COAST allows you to leverage your analytical capabilities, both technologically and in terms of human capital.

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Het lab van de toekomst

door Eric van Sprang (Innovatiemakelaar COAST/ChemistryNL)

The Great OUTREACH Challenge

By Henk Hoekstra

On the 25th of March, ASTP, PTTP and ATLAS talent programme students came together at theatre De Flint in Amersfoort, to present the outcomes of the great OUTREACH challenge.

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