Together we learn

The principle of doing things together is of great importance at COAST. Therefore Community is one of the three main pillar of the COAST strategic agenda.

COAST unites organizations with a common interest in Analytical Science and Technology (AST) diverse backgrounds (private, public, academic, etc.) at three levels: interest in AST as core business, interest in AST in specific key application areas, interest in the education in AST. In this community web-environment we create the opportunity to bring people together with interesting societal and analytical challenges as overarching themes. 

In order to further the dissemination of knowledge and experience in the field we organise FAST(est) meetings.


About COAST Subcommunities

A subcommunity brings together people, and the organizations they represent, around a common theme.

The subcommunities page presents an overview of the current subcommunities. COAST participants can click the subcommunity tiles ot get access, provided they are logged in. They may also request  the formation of a subcommunity to share information and subsidy opportunities organize matchmakings, excursions and other events around  theme of shared interest.

Parties that are not a member of COAST but are interested in our subcommunities, may request more information via this email.