Analytical Sciences Talent Program

Do you want to gain more knowledge on analytical science during your HLO education? Are you a talented first-year student in Chemistry, Life Sciences, Bio Medical Laboratory Research (BML), Bio Technology or Forensic Research and do you want to get to know the most innovative companies? Then the Analytical Sciences Talent Program (ASTP) is an excellent opportunity for you.


The Analytical Sciences Talent Program is a [email protected] BSc  honours program, organized in a partnership between HAN University of Applied Sciences, Hogeschool Utrecht, Hogeschool Inholland and TI-COAST as main organizers. ASTP invests in ambitious and talented students. This program is developed for students of all Universities for Applied Science in the Netherlands. The Analytical Sciences Talent Program is part of the talents programs of ChemistryNL .  

This is a three-year program alongside your present HLO studies where the students receive about 150 contact hours per year extra education, perform internships in excellent (industrial) laboratories, participate in excursions and challenges, and get ample opportunity to build a strong professional network.

A Talent Program ΜΆ why?

The quality of students who finish their bachelor studies in applied sciences is good, but industry and institutes are in need of students who are ‘even better’. ASTP wants to increase the interaction of students with innovative industries and institutes. Industry and institutes need outstanding professionals in order to be able to make the transfer from state-of-the-art analytical science to state-of-the-art applications and society needs you to answer the great challenges of our time.

ASTP provides a program in which students are exposed to industry and society during their regular education. During three years, the students will interact intensively with leading companies and research institutes that participate in COAST. They will attend lectures presented by leading experts from academia and industry during approximately one Saturday per month, and during the Summer course (a full week in August).

ASTP gives students intensive exposure to the best current practices and the latest technologies. Therefore, ASTP gives students outstanding career prospects.  As a testimony of unique knowledge and experience, students will be awarded a COAST certificate upon completing the Analytical Sciences talent program.


In 2024, a maximum of 25 students will be admitted to the Talent Program. Application deadline is May 31st 2024.

Further information

The COAST Analytical Sciences Talent Program is part of the Talent programs of ChemistryNL. For questions regarding the Talent Program you can contact us at any time at [email protected].

Download the presentation: Do you fit in? (2023)

ASTP: extra knowledge and extra training

The educational rationale behind ASTP is the combination of extra knowledge, skills and working experience in innovative (analytical) laboratories. This combination provides our students with valuable additional training, thus expanding their view on the world of analytical science and boosting their professional career.

The ASTP courses amount to approximately 30 (academic) EC or ECTS in three years, corresponding to a typical honours program.