Information sheets ASTP

ASTP Information

Students available for internships

The following students are available for internships:

ASTP-2, HLO-3, 1000 hrs (800 hrs regular + rest flexible)

ASTP-3, HLO-4, 2 x 800 hrs (regular)

For more information, including the costs of the internships, please have look at the information sheets below.

This is the application form for ASTP students

This is the request form for companies to request a student.

More information can be found via the links below:


Information sheets ASTP

This page contains information sheets and Rules and Regulations of the ASTP talent program.


  • Model contract Internships ASTP-1, TPA004 (v20180703)
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  • ASTP2 / ASTP3 internship information form - template
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