Veridis wins Gerard & Anton Award

Profielfoto van Oscar van den Brink
8 July 2024 | 1 minute read

On 3 July 2024, COAST participant and active contributor to our Community of Practice for CE, Veridis won one of the Gerard & Anton Awards. These awards are presented annually to ten ‘Start-ups to watch’. This year there were 67 nominations.

Veridis’ MADSCAN technology makes it possible to increase the value of recycled plastic by precise characterisation of recyclate.

The jury was particularly impressed with Veridis’ approach to facilitate the immense mondial challenge of plastics recycling. Verdis makes it possible for plastics producers to adhere to new laws and regulations.

For this and more information about the 2024 Gerard and Anton Awards visit: 

COAST congratulates Verdis with this praiseworthy achievement!!