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Dutch National Research Agenda

Dutch National Research Agenda

The Dutch National Research Agenda is a source of inspiration for those interested in science. The agenda presents 140 overarching scientific questions and is the result of a unique bottom-up initiative, driven by the general Dutch public and a vast number of organisations in the Netherlands. The questions reveal the complexity of the issues challenging Dutch society today, and provide a glimpse into the areas where Dutch scientific research plans to focus on in the coming years.

The 140 overarching scientific questions and 16 example routes are presented in the online National Research Agenda (in Dutch), and a browseable online Dutch National Research Agenda book (in Dutch and English).

The online Agenda offers those active in the science system an opportunity to seek each other out, and makes it possible to compare the issues addressed in the National Research Agenda with the topics and priorities identified by Dutch knowledge-driven institutions.

The Dutch National Research Agenda is also a ‘route map’. A ‘route’ is a selection of interlinked cluster questions surrounding a complex theme. Routes serve as  tools for seeking out new partners and revealing new approaches for tackling complex issues. The route descriptions were updated in 2023. The route descriptions are presented in 'Portfolio voor onderzoek 2023 en verder' (in Dutch). 

The purpose of the Dutch National research Agenda is to generate more synergy in research as a whole and augment the consistency, efficiency and impact of Dutch research. The Agenda focuses on fields in which Dutch research excels and in which we can expect to see considerable progress in the coming years. Many of the questions posed relate to the Horizon 2020 themes, and show areas where Dutch research can best contribute to the EU agenda.

The Dutch National Research Agenda was assigned to – and drawn up by the Knowledge Coalition consisting of the most important Dutch knowledge –based institutions for scientific research in The Netherlands. The Knowledge Coalition has developed and guided the process from a National Research Agenda towards an investment agenda advocating for integrated science, technology and innovation policy.