COAST participants at CHAINS

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7 December 2021 | 2 minutes read

Some COAST participants will present their work during NWO CHAINS 2021, which will take place online on 7 and 8 December.
Here we present an overview of when COAST participants contribute to the conference. Participation is possible when you register at


Tuesday 7 December

Parallel sessions- 16:00-16:45hrs.
Chemistry of Materials

Frameworks and networks

  • Ellen Dautzenberg
    WUR group Louis de Smet
    Faster, Higher, Stronger? Methylated, Imine-linked Covalent Organic Frameworks


Parallel sessions- 17:00-18:00hrs.
Fundamentals and Methods of Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry

  • Rianne van Outersterp
    RU group Jos Oomens
    Online liquid chromatograp-hy-infrared ion spectroscopy for metabolite identification
  • Wouter Knol
    UvA group Ron Peters
    Pyrolysis-GC as a tool for copolymer sequence determination
  • Anjusha Mathew
    MU group Ron Heeren
    Structural analysis of bio-macromolecules in mass spectrometry using Timepix detector and UV photodissociation


Wednesday 8 December

Parallel sessions – 09:00-10:00hrs 
Chemistry of Life

  • Xinyu Di
    LEI group Thomas Hankemeier
    Using metabolomics to improve drug development for the endocannabinoid system


Parallel sessions 09:00-10:00hrs
Chemistry of Life
Soft matter

  • Rebecca Kaup
    WUR group Aldrik Velders
    Dendroids, Discrete Covalently Cross-Linked Dendrimer  Superstructures


Parallel sessions 09:00-10:00hrs
Chemistry of Life

  • Shrestha Banerjee
    RU group Arno Kentgens  
    Structure and dynamics of photochromic rare-earth oxyhydrides


Focus sessions 10:20-11:35hrs
(Smart) chemical sensing technologies for the future

  • Ruben Kranenburg & Henk-Jan Ramaker
    UvA / Dutch National Police & TipB / UvA / Dutch National Police
    Illicit drug detection using a spectroscopic analytical platform
  • Leo Koenderman
    Brainstorm: Health sensing, to know or not to know


Parallel sessions 13:35- 14:20hrs
Fundamentals and Methods of Chemistry
Machine learning in chemistry

  • Sin Yong Teng
    RUN group Jeroen Jansen
    Chemical Quality Prediction by Inversing Dynamic PLS-MARS


Please find the entire CHAINS 2021 program here.

Disclaimer: We did our best to identify all COAST member contributions, but are aware that this overview might not be perfect.