Grantings in National Growth Fund round 2

Profielfoto van Oscar van den Brink
20 April 2022 | 1 minute read

On 14 April Jeroen Dijsselbloem announced which initiatives We were very happy to hear that the two initiatives that we supported as COAST were granted.

Together with representatives for other public-private communities, our people and participants put a lot of effort in the development of the Circular Plastics part of the Duurzame MaterialenNL proposal. This part of the proposal will be (conditionally) funded with more than 220 M€. Circular Plastics aims at the largest polymer-based material streams used in for instance packaging, construction, transport, agriculture and electronics. More than 150 parties, from knowledge institutes to producers, brand-owners, recyclers etc. will collaborate in this program to transfer present linear value chains to circular ones, with the highest feasible value retention. The program will address bottlenecks such as characterization and sorting, industrialization of plastic recycling and design of circular plastics. It thus will be a truly interdisciplinary program.

COAST also expressed their support for the proposal with the inspiring title De revolutie van zelfdenkende moleculaire systemen, which will be (conditionally) funded with 97 M€. The proposal, focusing on robotization, chemical analysis and advanced data-processing to determine and forecast materials ‘behavior’ will aid the development of “intelligent” materials and related technologies for the Dutch business communities and government, and that strengthen the Dutch knowledge economy. More information about the proposal is available in this video. COAST advocates the vision that a platform of analytical infrastructures be an integral part of the design, processing and application development of intelligent materials. 

We congratulate the people who contributed to the success of these two proposals in this round of the National Growth Fund!

For more information about the National Growth Fund round 2 follow this link.