Coast is strongly supportive of the continued development of young academic professionals in analytical science. We have created the NeTTwork of “Tenure-Trackers” in the field, which can be seen as the highest step on the talents ladder. Young academicians, whether on tenure-track or on assistant/associate-professor contracts, are invited to join the NeTTwork if they are within 10 years of obtaining their PhD.

Wherever possible, COAST intends to provide possibilities for the NeTTwork, for example by giving them a platform at COAST-organized meetings and by appointing them as Scientific Committees of the “Forum for Analytical Science and Technology” (FAST) symposium and of the FAST Electronic Science Talks (FASTest).

Current members of the NeTTwork are

Christoffer Aberg (Groningen University)

Ahmed Ali (Leiden University)

Alina Astefanei (University of Amsterdam)

Andrea Gargano (University of Amsterdam)

Rob Haselberg (Vrije Universiteit)

Isabelle Kohler (Vrije Universiteit)

Klaus Mathwig (TU Eindhoven)

Bob Pirok (University of Amsterdam)

Gert Salentijn (Wageningen University)

Saer Samanipour (University of Amsterdam)

Camilla Terenzi (Wageningen University)

Bert Wouters (Leiden University)

Evan Wenbo Zhao (Radboud University)

Saer Samanipour serves as the current coordinator of the NeTTwork.