Measuring and Detecting Healthy Behaviour

NWA Startimplus program

The program sets out to identify the challenges and solutions that come up with the transfer of measurement and detection in the lab context to measurement of complex systems in their natural environment. To this end it use a concrete, important but also complex example: the health of humans in relation to their behaviour and environment. The program intends to:

  • Find new parameters and/or biomarkers that relate to health and disease in blood, food products and in the air that we breathe.
  • Develop methods to measure such parameters in the lab and outside the lab
  • Use existing methods that already can be applied outside the lab to determine the relation between these measurement and health and disease
  • Investigate what is necessary to gather such data with a quality that is sufficient to draw conclusions about the health of an individual
  • Investigate how the interaction between measurement instrumentation and user must be organised to ensure good measurement quality, good understanding of the resulting information and sensible data management.