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Two COAST links to nominations for the final of the National Icon competition

The third edition of the National Icon competition attracted 55 entries, of which 10 were selected for the final. 
BiosparQ logo RGBlogo smart light 93d25740
BiosparQ and Smart*Light are among these 10 finalists.

At TU/e Smart*Light develops a compact and moveable high-brillance tuneable X-ray source for high-resolution material analysis. In this ‘table-top synchrotron’, the intense and coherent X-ray radiation is generated through ‘collision’ of laser light with a high-energy electron beam (Inverse Compton Scattering). Anticipated applications vary from medical diagnostics to chemistry, materials science and cultural heritage. The Smart*Light consortium consists of 12 partners in The Netherlands and Flanders, among which COAST.

COAST participant BiosparQ recently introduced an instrument for rapid and affordable diagostics of infectious diseases. The Cirrus D20, developed by BiosparQ, employs MALDI-ToF-MS on single cells to determine the bacterial composition within minutes after sampling. Using this method, very time-consuming steps, such as separation and culture, can be skipped and the bacteria can be analysed one-by-one. The method will have substantial added value for reduction of antimicrobial resistance. 

We congratulate both competitors with making it to the prestigious list of 10 nominees for the final round of the 2019 National-Icon competition and wish them great success. 

On Monday evening 23 September State Secretary Mona Keijzer will announce the three new National Icons in Amsterdam.

Let's hope for the best!

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