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Rawi Ramautar (Leiden University – LACDR) has been awarded a Vidi grant by NWO

Rawi Ramautar
Dr. Rawi Ramautar (Reasearch Scientist in the group of Thomas Hankemeier) has been awarded a Vidi grant worth €800,000 by NWO. The Vidi is a research grant that enables researchers to develop their own innovative line of research and set up their own research group.

Rawi has been awarded the Vidi for his research: “Enabling volume-restricted metabolomics using next-generation microscale analytical tools”.

In the current clinical setting, certain relevant biomedical issues cannot be studied as the analytical toolbox used in modern metabolomics encounters difficulties for the analysis of volume-restricted biological samples. To enable volume-restricted metabolomics, the dr. Ramautar and his team will develop novel microscale technologies for in-depth metabolic profiling of severely limited sample amounts.

Rawi Ramautar is actively involved in COAST, for example as a regular teacher in the MSc+ program.

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