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Winners of Challenge 2038 meet State Secretary

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Earlier this year we asked the vocational Bachelor and academic MSc students in our ASTP and MSc+ talent programs to write as short article about (chemical) innovation (in the wider sense) for a newspaper in 2038 referring to developments in 2018. Our students were allowed to work in teams. They produced 23 articles which were later reviewed by a jury of Holland Chemistry (topsector Chemie). This jury selected 10 articles for publication on the back page of the Holland Chemistry Times of 4 December 2038. The newspaper was distributed during CHAINS 2018, the Dutch national conference on Chemistry As INnovating Science, to feature the contribution of chemistry to solve grand challenges such as those related to climate change, health and circularity. All authors of the top-ten received a day ticket for CHAINS from Holland Chemistry.

Straatsecretaris met COAST studenten challenge 2038 klein
Meet and Greet of three winners of Challenge 2038 with State Secretary Mona Keijzer (EZK)

As part of the top-ten a top-three of Challenge 2038 articles was selected and the authors were invited to pitch their articles during a short session at the Holland Chemistry Pavillion at CHAINS on 4 Dec. The authors of the top-three had a Meet and Greet with State Secretary Mona Keijzer (Economic Affairs and Climate Policy) on 5 December preceding the festive opening of the GoCHEM initiative. 

Please also read Winners of Challenge 2038 – names and articles (login required).

COAST congratulates five participants on their success in the NWO call Roadmap for Large Infrastructure

Recently NWO announced the results of the call “Nationale Roadmap voor Grootschalige Wetenschappelijke Infrastructuur 2017/8”. Five COAST participants were among the awardees.
  • Prof Thomas Hankemeier, Leiden University, is partner in the Netherlands X-omics Initiative. This initiative links genomics to proteomics and metabolomics.  
  • Prof Ron Heeren, Maastricht University, is partner in the Netherlands Electron Microscopy Infrastructure. The initiative sets out to make EM technology accessible to a wide range of scientists in various areas and to further innovate the technique, e.g through combination with mass spectroscopic ion microscopy. 
  • Prof Jos Oomens, Radboud University is partner in HFML-FELIX. This facility combines the free-electron laser producing intense infrared and THz radiation with the highest possible magnetic fields and thus allows investigation of matter under extreme conditions. 
  • Cosine en Micronit are partner in ATHENA. In the part of this program that is funded by NWO an X-ray camera and spectrograph are developed for the new European space telescope Athena. Cosine and Micronit will develop the extremely sharp X-ray mirror. 
We congratulate the COAST participants with their grants and wish them the best of success with their scientific and technological endeavors.
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