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MSc+ Testimonials

The MSc+ program started in August 2012, with a cohort of 5-10 students starting each year. Here is what MSc+ students are saying:

About the additional education provided

“The amount of theory provided in the extra courses equals half a year of master track. This makes it a very significant addition to our education.”

“I would definitely recommend it to any student who is interested in analytical chemistry and willing to go the extra mile.”

"The courses I have attended were really interesting. Most importantly, some of the topics were based on the latest analytical chemistry developments, so no way you could have learnt that in college." (María, MSc+ student cohort 2013-2015)

"This program enables you to develop yourself as an analytical chemist in a way that regular students cannot." (Eliane, MSc+ student cohort 2013-2015)

"Joining the MSc+ program has been one of my best decisions so far. The Saturday classes and conferences I attended have been incredibly educational and give me much more confidence in my abilities. Not only in science, but also in networking." (Fleur, MSc+ student cohort 2014-2016)

About the connect with the analytical-science community

“Through the MSc+ program I meet many people in the analytical chemistry community. It is very informative to meet and talk to professionals in our field, both from industry and from academia.”

“Companies are more than happy to welcome us and offer us projects normally deemed too challenging for Master students. We see this as an opportunity to prove our value in the industry.”

"Whenever an opportunity arises to gain extra experience or knowledge, we are usually the first to know."